So, welcome to our beautiful new website – and welcome to the Australasian Pub Quiz Championships!

I’m Andrew Quah, Head Writer at Brain Buster Trivia, a Partner at TriviaWorks, and one of the organisers of the APQC.

These Championships are all about celebrating everything great about quizzing – our favourite pub quiz nights and hosts, our competitive spirit, and the unending desire for knowledge. You’ll see much more on our site, and in our social media, in the lead-up to the APQC this April. You’ll have the opportunity to meet the top trivia writers and hosts from across Australia and New Zealand through PubQuizChampionships.com.au and PubQuizChampionships.co.nz, and through our social media.

You don’t need to wait until April to test your mind – try these ten questions on for size…


1. The self-described authority on language since it was originally published in 1884, the OED is described by linguist Roy Harris as a “national institution”. What do the letters “OED” stand for?

2. What empire fell in 1453, when Constantinople fell to the Ottoman Turks?

3. Chemistry, Economics, Literature, Peace, Physics and Chemistry or Medicine are the six categories of what prestigious Prizes, first presented in 1901?

4. What video game was developed by Marcus Persson at the Swedish developer Mojang?

5. Which names a Son of Noah? A) Ham, B) Lamb, or C) Spam?

6. Three pairs of words that are spelled the same except for their first letter, for example, “the part of the body between the lowest ribs and the hip bones” and “a place or line where two or more things are connected together” would give “loin” and “join”. Give both words from their definitions:

6A. To throw or hit a ball or missile in a high arc, and a paid position of regular employment.

6B. A person who fells trees for timber, and a person who gently runs for exercise.

6C. One who carelessly leaves garbage behind, and a style of fast dance popular in the 1940’s.

7. What name is given to the longest side in a right-angled triangle?

8. Linguistics is the study of what?

9. In what board game would you visit such Diabetes-inducing locations as the Gum Drop Mountain, the Lollipop Woods and the Peppermint Forest?

10. First published in 1922, what general-interest monthly publication is known for its distinctive Pegasus logo? It boasts a circulation of over 10 million, making it the largest paid circulation magazine in the world, and is also published in Braille, digital, audio book and large print.


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