It’s the ULTIMATE SEARCH for the best trivia teams in Australia & New Zealand.

TriviaWorks and Quizzing Australia are proud to present the Australasian Pub Quiz Championships – a new annual contest bringing together recreational and competitive quizzers from across Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific to find the smartest pub quiz team around.

We’re launching with simultaneous events on the 28th of April 2018 in Sydney, Canberra and Wellington, bringing together over a thousand quizzers in a festival celebrating everything great about our favourite trivia nights. You’ll come together with your team of six to call upon knowledge long buried in the deep recesses of your mind, to use logic to find the best answers, and to hope that luck is on your side, as you go head to head against some of the best quizzers in Australia and New Zealand.

We’re looking for great teams of six – so smaller teams should combine forces, larger teams should split into smaller teams – then fill in the gaps with “expert” knowledge (maybe your favourite trivia host, or maybe a Chaser…).

Host Venue – Sydney
Host Venue – Wellington
Host Venue – Canberra
Quizzing Australia
Australia’s Peak Quizzing Body

Founded in 2011, Quizzing Australia is the peak quizzing organisation in Australia, coordinating competitive quizzing at the international level across Australia and New Zealand. The Australasian Pub Quiz Championships is the latest addition to the Quizzing Australia calendar of events, including the IQA World Quizzing Championships and the arious State Championships.

Quizzing Australia is a proud Presenting Partner of the APQC.

Supporting Great Quizzing

Founded in 2013, TriviaWorks is an alliance of independent quiz companies from across Australia and New Zealand. We were founded by, and exist to support, great independent trivia hosts – providing resources, marketing and support to protect the best hosts and quiz nights. TriviaWorks exists as an industry body combining local knowledge and passion with combined national marketing and outreach.

TriviaWorks produces the Brain Buster Trivia and Gee Quiz multimedia quizzes, the Mind Mania traditional quiz, and specialty quizzes including the Ultimate Sci-Fi Quiz. We’re proud to be working with quizzers, quiz writers and hosts across Australia and New Zealand to present the 2018 Australasian Pub Quiz Championships.